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 Technical Specification

Weight (Approx.): 1/2 Kg.
​Dimensions: 190 x 130 x 140 mm.
Power Supply: 220v 50-60Hz 110v 50-60Hz.
Power Consumption: <10W.

Features & Functions:
– UV, Watermark Detection with Magnifying Glass Compact and portable.
– Easy to use Powerful UV light Detector-Compact & Portable.
Best Use: Currency Exchange Services, Shop, Store, Shopping Mall, Banks, etc.

The machine is Reflector on three sides for increasing UV effect & best detectable of fake note option available for the fixture of the machine on a table.
Types two of light as UV light & White light for examining any types of documents & notes.

Kavinstar SELFCHEK is very lightweight portable and compact. Manual Use Fake Note Detector UV Light provides a compact and portable counterfeit detection. Good solution for businesses and organizations in the constant fight against fake bills and IDs. The UV rays easily detect fake bills and ID cards by revealing fluorescent strips, dots, and other markings that are invisible to the naked eye.

UV Fake Note Detector or Currency Validator is a device that use self or manually determines whether notes or bank cheque are genuine or counterfeit.

These devices are commonly used in banks, Shops, Shopping Mall. Hotels, Showroom, Currency Exchange Services, Financial Institution, Collection Centers etc. to determine Fake Notes or Fake Cheque


  • Handy Model
  • Manual Fake Currency Checker
  • Fake & Hallmark Checker 
  • Best use in Home, Shop & Bank

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