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Paper shredder machine Our organization has better infrastructure which includes quality assurance and adequate manufacturing facilities.Quality Paper shredder machine dealers in Delhi.

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Personal Small Paper Shredder Machine Dealers in Delhi

Personal /Small /Mini Paper Shredder Machine – Whether it’s for personal or business use, a shredder can help you dispose of your most sensitive information—on paper documents, CDs, or even credit cards. Here’s what to consider when shopping for one, along with the top models we’ve tested.


Small Office Personal Paper Shredder Machines. Looking for Small Office Paper Shredder?

  • Are you looking platform to buy a small office paper shredder for destroying sensitive, Legal, and confidential documents in the office?
  • Here we have available huge small office paper shredders. Nowadays who perform great, this statement from satisfied users. After checking performance, users gave positive reviews on these small offices' Paper Shredders.
  • These Small Office Paper Shredders easily shred Private, Confidential, legal, or other sensitive documents without facing any problems while shredding.
  • Buy an office paper shredder from paper shredders. We have available all sizes/ranges of shredders. We sell lightweight options to commercial-grade; that will help you protect yourself and your business from identity theft and fraud.
  • Small Office Paper Shredder Price
  • Get the following High Performance, High Capacity Shredder with the lowest price | with the best possible Discount.
  • We have the Available More Small Office Paper Shredder at the Best Possible Price | With a Discount. If you are looking Small Office Paper Shredder to buy or have any questions related to these Small Office Paper Shredders,
  • Please Connect With Our Professionals Team. Who are always available to help you?

Office Paper Shredder Machine Dealers in Delhi 

Office Paper Shredder Machines or Professional Shredders also known as confidential paper shredders or high-security paper shredders mostly used by Corporate Business, Private & Government Security Sectors Departmental Offices to Destroy Confidential Documents.


Depends on the type of shredder, the quality of the shredder, and the security level. Most household shredders can shred between 5-10 minutes continuously before a cool-down period is needed. Professional shredders for offices can run for up to 30 minutes.

Commercial office paper shredder machine is best for small business to Large Business use and keeps your confidential information safe and secure? On this page, you can find recommended paper shredders for desk-side office use. These professional office shredders for 1-3 users are perfect for shredding confidential business papers, such as sensitive tax and financial documents, client and employee files, and agendas or minutes from business meetings.

Office Paper Shredders are generally available in the following categories. personal paper shredder, medium-duty duty shredder, heavy-duty paper shredder, CD Shredder, and type of shredders is cross-cut paper shredder, Straight cut paper shredder, and Micro-cut paper shredder

Office Paper Shredder Machines Use: Government organizations, businesses, and private individuals use shredders to destroy private, confidential, or otherwise sensitive documents.

Privacy experts often recommend that individuals shred bills, tax documents, credit cards, bank account statements, and other items which could be used by thieves to commit fraud or identity theft. Buy Today Your Paper Shredder from Kavinstar.

Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine Dealers in Delhi

Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machines for High Capacity Shredding – Shred High Volumes of Confidential Documents Continuously. These Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Shredders are used by Large or Departmental Offices.


Are you looking for an office shredder to shred large amounts of sensitive documents? Then we recommend heavy-duty paper shredder machines.

These commercial shredders can shred high volumes of documents continuously. Standard paper shredders need to cool down after a few minutes of shredding. But a large paper shredder for heavy-duty shredding is optimized to shred for long shredding sessions.

A large Size paper shredder machine is very useful when there is a lot of paper for shredding, These machines can run non-stop for long periods and you can put 100 sheets together so shredding is very fast. The smaller ones can run continuously for 8 hours and can shred 25 sheets together The medium shredders can run nonstop for the entire day and can shred 50 sheets together And the bigger shredders can be used nonstop for long hours, even for the full day and after office hours also if required.

Alternatively, if you have occasional heavy loads for shredding, like once-year disposal of old records Etc. you can consider using our shredding services. You can choose a machine depending on the number of papers for shredding in a day. A Heavy-duty paper shredder machine can take staples, u pins, CDs, credit cards, etc. effortlessly, the larger machines can even shred a full bunch of papers with file clips, etc. as it is!

Industrial Paper Shredder Machine Dealers in Delhi

Industrial Paper Shredder Machines or Katran machines and other shredder machines from Kavinstar. Are well known for their efficiency and robust make. Katran Machine or Paper Katran Machine is popular with Fruit Vendors as it is used during Fruit packaging. Katran Machine is a heavy-duty paper shredder machine and it is used to shred newspapers that are used in packing fruits.


This type of machine is also known by several names like Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine, Industrial Paper Shredder Machines, Commercial Paper Shredder Machine, Strip Cut Paper Shredder Machine, Straight Cut Paper Shredding Machine, Paper Crusher, or Crushing Machine.

This heavy-duty shredder is used to reduce the volume of the rejected material and to avoid duplication and misuse hence it has applications in numerous industries such as Pharmaceutical Companies, Label Printing Industries, Paper Mills, Packaging Industries, Government Offices, Colleges, Banks, Corporate Office, etc.

Specially design for volume paper shredding per hour. Business houses & packaging industries are using a paper shredder to shred unwanted volume paper documents. Shredding old waste paper documents through the shredder machine helps minimize security risks. There are various types of office paper shredders from small office shredders to large industrial paper shredding machines.

Kavinstar is a popular manufacturer and exporter of different types of paper shredder machines. We have taken the utmost care in manufacturing all our paper shredder machines and ensured that there are no plastic parts used in manufacturing. This paper shredder is a user-friendly machine and is vibration-free. We supply industrial paper shredding machines to Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharastra, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam Mostly. It is easy to clean and lubricate. Get in Touch with Us for More Information about Katran machines and shredders.

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